Wednesday, October 23, 2013


!hello babes :) So your here again ha?! what fun. So in this post we will talk about sport and health,did you ever hear this word? Cause in this post you will encounter it a lot, and it is worthwhile you read this post cause I do this post just for you guys! so have fun :)

Tip number 1: so girls,the first tip that we will give you about sport its 15 minutes in every morning for who :wants a perfect legs. so just do what you see in this picture

Tip number 2: the second tip talking for the girls that wants a beautiful belly. So here I did not put a pictures, then I explain explanation, first of all you need to know it takes 10 minute every day.It's called crunches, you should do 60 with two breaks such as a break with 10 Nouméa that actually creates a situation you do this:
20 crunches, interval of 10 seconds.
Like this again and again until you get to 60 crunches. You should do this at least two months Credits or perhaps a bit less, and then - your belly will be perfect! I do it every day and I can tell all of you, that it is worth.

 Tip number 3: the three tip talking about how to work for a beautiful ass,I have a very good video showing what exercise to do for it. so.. goodluck? :) The video:

So guys,the post is over here, hope you enjoyed from him and if you have a specific request regarding post we forgot to add, or general request ... We encourage you to ask :) Enjoy ♥

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